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Fish Fact Thursday: Yellow Perch

Yellow perch are some of the first fish to spawn in lakes and ponds around Ohio, when water temperatures approach 45 degrees F. Perch are also unique with their method of spawning; laying large strands or ribbons of eggs that drape around submerged vegetation and structure. They provide no parental care to the eggs after deposited so keeping them off the pond bottom helps to aerate the eggs and prevent smothering by the accumulation of sediment.  Since perch fry are the first hatch of the year, predation is typically high and survival rates are low. Maintaining areas of shallow, submersed or emergent vegetation and adding fish structure (brushpiles, rocks, artificial structure) can help fry

Fish Fact Thursday: Crappie

There are two species of crappie, black and white, that are native to most Midwest and Southern States, but have since been transplanted all over the U.S. both negligently and as a sport fish. Crappie are a large species of “panfish” that feed mainly on minnows, small fish and macroinvertebrates. Black crappies have a smaller relative mouth and a fondness for invertebrates. The easiest way to tell crappie apart is by counting their dorsal spines; black crappie have 7-8 spines while white crappie have 5-6. White crappie have vertical barring on their sides while black crappie have irregular black splotches, but coloration can be deceiving as it varies significantly depending on habitat and wa

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