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Do You Have Your Pond Covered?

The importance of varied cover is one of the most overlooked aspects of a healthy, productive pond. Cover can be found naturally in the forms of aquatic growth, rock piles and fallen timber but most excavated ponds are devoid of everything except aquatic growth unless purposely added by the landowner. Relying solely on aquatic plants for cover is detrimental because of their natural life cycle; plants grow and die throughout the year, creating times of inadequate cover, primarily in late fall-early spring. Timber is a great addition to ponds because it’s cheap, natural and can last many years, but it still has a shelf life. The decomposition of timber depends on the species of wood and the b

Spring Fishing Tips & Tricks

Now that the long wait for nicer weather has arrived, Spring fishing is in full swing. Rising water temperatures means aquatic ecosystems are increasing in activity and inhabitants are concerned with two things; eating and breeding. Spring is the ideal time for anglers to catch their personal best fish as females will be significantly heavier while full of eggs and easier to catch as they look to replenish their energy reserves from a long winter. Juvenile fish and forage species are now seeking shelter in the warmer shallow edges of ponds, escaping from hungry predators and attracted to the increase of macroinvertebrates spurred on by new plant and algae growth. Fisherman should target dept

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