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Spring Lure Selection

With the vast selection and availability of fishing lures in todays market it’s easy to get overwhelmed when deciding what to use. Warming water temperatures of spring boost both fish metabolism and aggression, giving anglers better chances of success. As the spawn approaches for largemouth bass, they are eating heavily to recoup from the winter, prepare for a successful spawn and also acting to protect their nests and future fry. Choosing a lure that imitates both forage and predators of their nests is a great choice. Salamanders, small turtles, crawfish, minnow species and panfish (basically anything small enough to consume a microscopic fish egg) are all opportunistic nest raiders, eager

The 'Pond' King

The pond king, largemouth bass, and most sought-after freshwater sport fish is a keystone species in lakes and ponds in their native range. Aptly called a “bucketmouth,” largemouth bass are perfectly adapted to eat their primary food source, bluegill sunfish. With a voracious appetite and willingness to take a variety of prey, largemouth bass are the best managers of forage populations and a constant source of enjoyment for anglers. Largemouth bass are found in rivers, streams, lakes and ponds throughout the state but are best suited for slow-moving or quiet water with lots of aquatic growth and other cover. They are primarily ambush predators that utilize camouflage and stealth to take prey

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