Fall and Winter Fishing Tips

Fall and winter is not all about staying indoors or enjoying the views from a car window, it’s a great time to get out and catch that fish of a lifetime! This time of the year fish are feeding as much as they can in order to gear up for the winter when resources are not as plentiful. It is important to remember, however, that as water temperatures cool, so do fish metabolisms; making them less mobile, more hesitant to hunt and sometimes just downright sluggish. As temps cool and winter gets more severe, repetitive casting and slower retrieves are key; it may take dropping your lure right on top of a fish for them to strike. Waiting to fish until midday when the sun is strong can also improve your odds of success as every degree of warmth can help trigger feeding. Not sure what lure to choose? Try sticking with fish or crawfish imitations as reptiles, amphibians and most insects are headed for hibernation around this time. Don’t be afraid to go big as waters cool! Fish are looking for larger meals that will help them survive the winter and provide some extra calories for egg production.

Happy fishing!


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