Why fish?

Why do you fish? Is it for the exhilaration of the next big catch? Or the calmness of being on the water? For us at FishMySpot, we grew up in the outdoors where fishing, hunting and playing outside were our past time. As we have gotten older and our families have grown, local public access has been inconvenient and left us with disappointment.

The National Survey of Wildlife has noted that fishing as a hobby has declined 8% over the last 10 years. Why do you think the drop? We are sure there are many factors, and most likely the use of smart phones is most significant. 73% of our anglers have indicated that they WANT private access to spend time with their children, grandchildren, significant others and friends. We are passionate to expand access to fishing for future generations of all ages and to reconnect with America’s heritage, fishing.

So why do you fish? Comment below or let us know on Facebook.

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