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Who would have thought that our lives were dependent on the latest tweet, Facebook post or Instagram picture? And the latest news with the Kardashians; frankly who cares! Does social media make us anymore caring, empathetic or joyous individuals. In our current climate, it is difficult to decipher 'real' news to 'fake.'

It seems that our lives have been overtaken by our smartphones where we as parents, family members and friends have become disconnected to everyday life. Our passion at FishMySpot is basic; provide private fishing experiences for families and friends to unplug and unwind. Enjoy the hobby and beauty of being outdoors. We at FishMySpot are devoted to providing you real experiences and accurate information. Check out the facts below.

1 in 2 anglers fish on a yearly basis. ~

Fishing is the 2nd most popular outdoor hobby in the U.S...**

80% of fishing trips include more than 1 person.

85% of adults fished as children.*

50,000 private ponds in Ohio that you could potentially fish.***

***50,000 private ponds that have the potential to earn additional income and write off property taxes. If you know of any private pond owners, send them to

~Smith, Al. (2016, Jan., 23) Fishing trends are worth examining. Retrieved from

**2016 statistics provided by The Statistics Portal

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