Fish Fact Friday

Did you know rainbow trout originated from the west coast? Rainbow trout is now a fairly common gamefish throughout most of the US. Many state Natural Resource Departments stock them in rivers, lakes and reservoirs for public fishing and private individuals can stock them through most fish hatcheries. Rainbow trout are typically stocked in ponds during early spring or fall and intended to be harvested before water temperatures rise in late summer. However, very few ponds in Ohio can sustain rainbow trout year round due to their high oxygen demand and affinity for cold, clear water. These fish offer anglers a unique catch and a high-energy fight when most other pond species are still sluggish from the cold water. Trout can be caught through traditional fishing methods but are specifically targeted with light gear and small fish/insect imitations or live bait. Fly fishing is a common approach for wild rainbows and can help entice pressured fish but is not necessary as stocked trout tend to be less finicky. For a truly rare catch, check with your local fish hatchery about the availability of “golden” rainbow trout; a leucistic form resulting in a golden-yellow color due to lack of normal pigmentation.

Drop us a line or photo of any trout you have recently caught!

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